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📸 - Sydney J Benedet

Hugo Guerra's Complete Compositing Course 

Josh Park's Masterclasses

  • Keying and Despill Masterclass

  • CG Compositing Beginner to Advanced

  • Deep Compositing Beginner to Advanced

  • Compositing for feature film 2 week course

Courses I want to take
Personal Interests

I'm a big fan of personal fitness! I love being active and playing sports like Tennis, Hockey and Football.



I've lived in Toronto for three years now. Through my time in Toronto I've been searching to find the best Nachos in the city... So far Score on King St and Prohibition on Queen St are my 2 favourites, although I am happy to accept recommendations!


My name is Cole Armstrong, I’m a Lighter and Compositor based in Toronto and I’ve been working in the industry for 6 years. Primarily I've worked in feature films and episodic animation at Legend3D, StereoD, Jam Filled, Snowball Studios and SPINVFX. A lot of my experience has revolved around stereo and it’s conversion process. I’ve worked in all aspects of stereo conversion (Depth, Element QC and Paint/Finaling). I have extensive compositing experience with a very strong understanding of Compositing fundamentals such as keying, tracking, roto and cleanup work. I actively seek to expand my skill set and challenge my abilities. In my free time I'm currently enrolled in Hugo Guerra and Ricardo Ferreira's Compositing course. I hope to use what I've learned from this course to improve my personal comp work and showcase more advanced techniques and stronger artistic composition in shots. I also have a strong 3D background from my Game Development diploma. I specialized in asset creation and have a firm understanding of 3D pipelines and workflows.

Course Details:

Professional Summary

Nuke 101
by Ron Ganbar

Digital Compositing for Film and Video: Production Workflows and Techniques
by Steve Wright

The Art and Science of Digital Compositing: Techniques for Visual Effects, Animation and Motion Graphics 
by Ron Brinkmann

Lighting for Animation: The Art of Visual Storytelling

 by Jasmine Katatikarn and Michael Tanzillo

Masters of FX

 by Ian Failes

The VES Handbook of Visual Effects

 by Susan Zwerman and Jeffrey A. Okun

Inside VFX: An Insider's View Into The Visual Effects And Film Business

 by Pierre Grage and Scott Ross

The Visual Effects Producer: Understanding the Art and Business of VFX

 by Charles Finance and Susan Zwerman

The Digital Matte Painting Handbook

 by David B. Mattingly

Book Wish List

Learn Python Scripting
I have a small background in coding through college and high school although I would really love to learn more to enhance my workflow and create easy to use tools!

Learn Houdini
I worked with particle simulations a little in College (for Game Development) however Houdini appears to be a very magical program! I have a handful of simulations on my website but I know that I've only scratched the surface of what Houdini can do so I hope to really dive into learning more about the program. I believe it's the future of FX and procedural game workflows.

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