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Here are some tools I've made

Automatic Slap Comp

This script uses metadata from render layers to auto organize and label all rendered layers using custom templates and custom name keywords.

This is a tool I made for reading in Renderman renders when relative pathing isn't possible with your folder structure.
The tool features a "Refresh Render Layers" button that looks at your shot render directory and lists the available render layers based off of what has been rendered already. Then the user can choose from the list which layer they would like to read in and press the "Setup Read" button to read in their render. 
There is also check boxes to read in separate crypto reads if this metadata is not stored in the merged exr. Lastly the "merge type" adjusts automatically for filtered and unfiltered (denoised and un-denoised) layers.


This is a tool I made for updating team scripts to artist's local or to easily append new scripts to you existing file.

Nuke PRman Read Node

Nuke Import Team Scripts


Build Sequence Contact Sheet

This is a python script I made for Nuke to import a contact sheet for each rendered shot. It imports the first frame of each shot and labels them with their shot name. It also dynamically scales based off of the shot count.


Python Tool Demo

$gui Toggle
This script lets the user highlight a node and press Shift+D to toggle a "$gui" expression to be added to the disable knob of the selected node. This "$gui" expression will disable the node until it's sent to render on the farm.

Quick Label
Allows the user to highlight a node and press Shift+L, prompting the user to type in a label to be appended to the existing one.

Quick Backdrop

Lets the user highlight a cluster of nodes and press Shift+B , prompting the user to type in a custom label for a new backdrop.

Make Nodes Shot Specific
This script lets the user highlight a cluster of nodes and turn them all bright pink (can't miss them) and label them "Please Delete Shot Specific". The intent behind this is to allow artist's setting up parent templates to still be able to add shot specific work without propagating those nodes to child shots.

Delete Shot Specific Nodes
This script finds and deletes all nodes that were previously marked as "Shot Specific".


Here are a couple Nuke relighting tools I've made to help speed up production and achieve fast lighting results when under tight deadlines or when 3D lights simply aren't possible.  **Note - These should NOT be used in replacement of physically accurate 3D lights**


Ghost Tool

This is a Ghost FX tool I made for my students.


Rim/CG Re-Light Tool

This is a Fusion Tool I've created to relight a CG character or element in compositing using a normal map.


Edge Extend Tool

This is a Fusion Tool I've created to extend out the edge of an element. This can be used for things like patch work and fixing artifacting on CG DoF.

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